At Desert EyeCare Center, we specialize in comprehensive vision care for the entire family. We perform routine eye exams; diagnose and treat eye disease; fit contact lenses; and provide a wide selection of frames, lenses, and sunglasses. Non-emergency and routine appointments are usually made in advance, though we do accept walk-in patients if time is available. Emergency eye concerns can be seen on a same day basis. If you have a medical concern or emergency, call us as soon as possible and we will try our best to see you the same day.

Comprehensive Exams for Adults

Our comprehensive eye exams include a thorough evaluation of the eye. These exams typically include a refraction to find your prescription for glasses as well as a dilated exam to evaluate the internal structures of the eye looking for signs of glaucoma, macular degeneration, and other eye disease. Periodic examinations are extremely important as many eye and vision problems have no obvious symptoms.

Comprehensive Exams for Children

Our comprehensive eye exams for children, ages four and up, include many of the same procedures that are performed on adults. Undiagnosed vision problems can be the cause of some learning difficulties. Having your child’s eyes examined early may help improve performance in both the classroom and in sports. Possible corrections include spectacles, contact lenses, and sports goggles.

Diagnosis and Treatment of Eye Disease

There are many medical conditions that can affect eye health. Dr. Lawrence has specific training in ocular disease management and can evaluate your eyes for any signs of eye disease, including the following:

• Glaucoma
• Macular Degeneration
• Cataract Evaluation
• Eye Infections & Treatment of Red Eyes
• Foreign Body Removal (such as metal in the eye)
• Diabetic Eye Disease
• Retinal changes due to Hypertension
• Eye Allergies
• Dry Eye

We are the only eye care facility in the area to offer optical coherence tomography, digital retinal photography, and automated visual field testing. This special testing can be used to monitor conditions like glaucoma, macular degeneration, and diabetic eye disease.

We offer same day service for urgent problems.

Contact Lens Evaluation

After you have completed your comprehensive examination, we provide additional contact lens services to our patients. We utilize the latest advances in material technology to find the most comfortable contact lens to fit your needs. Contact lens services and materials are not included as part of the comprehensive examination.

Surgical Eye Care

Dr. Lawrence will provide both pre- and post-operative care for patients having eye surgeries such as Lasik or cataract removal. Dr. Lawrence will co-manage these patients making sure to communicate with each patient’s eye surgeon to ensure the best surgical outcome.

Optical (Frames, Lenses, and Sunglasses)

We offer a wide variety of high quality eyewear from renowned designers and offer the latest technology in lens options. You can select ultra-thin lenses, lens coatings to reduce glare, bifocals, Transitions®, safety lenses, or choose from the most advanced progressive lens designs. We also offer more affordable eyewear for those on a budget. We have a large selection of eyewear for men, women, and children in all price ranges. We carry both fashion and sport sunglasses. See our “Optical” tab for more information on the brands we carry.

To schedule your appointment, call Desert EyeCare Center at 520-201-3937.